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I have worked on a lot of small projects over last three years of my undergraduate study. Most of the projects listed in this page were part of the courses that I have taken at Gettysburg College. Before you check any of the projects in this page, I would like to warn you that the work that you see here are not of a professional programmer. I am an undergraduate student and was one when working on these projects. I try to adhere to conventions as much as possible but you might find immaturity here and there. This website is pretty new and I haven’t added all of my projects yet. I try ot include as much information as possible along with screenshots and videos wherever possible and that takes some time and effort. So, this is not an exclusive list of projects that I have worked on.

BreakOut 3D

Breakout 3D is a 3D version of famous BreakOut Game. The game consists of bricks in random location, a ball that destroys the bricks and bounces off walls and bricks, and a paddle that can be moved to prevent the ball from hitting the front wall. This game was developed using Ogre Engine and C++.

MineSweeper 3D

This is a 3D looking Minesweeper game that I developed using Ogre Engine, CEGUI, Bullet physics engine and C++. I developed this game as a part of the final project for a selected topics class on Game Engine Development

Mapping Stories

This is a web application that allows users to create stories that highlight the locations of series of events or development of a location over a series of time. I am developing this application as a part of my Independent Study with Prof. Charles Kann.