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BreakOut 3D

This is a 3D version of famous Breakout game. The game consists of bricks in random locations, a ball that destroys the bricks and bounces off walls and bricks, and a paddle that can be moved to prevent the ball from hitting the front wall. The player has limited number of balls and hitting the front wall destroys the ball. There are 10 levels in the game and each level is harder than the previous one. Top 20 highest score can be viewed when the game is paused or stopped whereas the best score so far is displayed at all times in the top left corner.

I developed this game as a midterm project for Game Engine Development class that I took during the spring semester of 2015. You can find more about the mid-term project here. I had no experience programming in C++ prior to taking this class. So, please expect some imperfections. This game was developed using Ogre game engine and C++. CEGUI was used to create GUI elements. I have used Glossy Serpent theme for CEGUI which is released under MIT License and can be download for free from here.

You can download the source code from Github. Please refer to the instructions here to setup Ogre and CEGUI in your system.

Here is a gameplay video:

Here are some screenshots from the game:
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